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Join a Work/Life Mastermind Group!

Have you ever been in a Mastermind group? Fill out an application and join today!

Karen Murphy facilitates Mastermind groups with like minded participants focused on creating a work/life vision and living it week by week!

Mastermind is a small group experience for participants who have a common goal and want support and accountability from their peers on their journey.

You’ll benefit from the group focusing on your successes, challenges and goals. The commitment is for 3 monthly sessions  for  a fee of $310 per member. Group meetings will be schedule to accommodate all members.  After 3 sessions each group can decide to continue meetings and self-facilitate or sign up for more facilitated sessions.

You’ll get personalized attention and support from the Mastermind experience. And, you’ll make life long friends.

Fill out the application below and you’ll hear back within 2 weeks.

Email Address:
Phone Number:
Please check the work/life concerns that are most important to you. Check your top three concerns.

Please indicate your level of experience with Mastermind groups.

What day of the week and time are you most open to meet for Mastermind sessions on a monthly basis for about 1 hour.

Where are you located and what geographic area is most convenient for you to meet face to face?

If you are outside of the Columbus, Ohio area, are you interested in joining an online meeting?

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