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Participants in Work/Life Pursuit and Working Parent Cafe Workshops, Mastermind Groups and other speaking engagements

Sr. Research Scientist at Battelle

Karen Murphy did an excellent job in up front preparation for the seminar on work/life balance she conducted for our organization. She made sure the presentation was in tune with our business needs and was timely in getting materials for us to review prior to the seminar. The seminar was a huge success, providing an excellent kickoff for our work/life initiative!

August 12, 2013, Jane was Karen’s client

SVP, Global Women’s Leadership Forum; Leadership Development, Coaching, Cross Cultural Relationship Building

Karen Murphy recently served as a panelist at a Global Women’s Leadership Forum ( hosted by Kelly Services, Inc. in Troy, Michigan. I first met Karen when she was VP at Ashland, Inc. and just launching their women’s business resource group. In that instance and now on this panel, I found her to be engaging, articulate and funny. By staying focused on the conversation and the messages, Karen provides humorous anecdotes as she delivers wisdom and knowledge born of experience. She is not just waiting for ‘her turn to talk’, but is truly listening for understanding, and looks for opportunities to validate the other speaker and provide a fresh perspective. Her contribution to the panel and to the women in the room was an important element to the day’s success! I would strongly recommend her for speaking engagements!

December 6, 2012, Rita was with another company when working with Karen at Working Parent Café

Laurie Groves (http://www NULL .linkedin NULL .com/profile/view?id=207119558&authToken=hOkd) , Owner

Karen was an exceptional speaker for 65 women at our conference. I was especially pleased with her care to fit the valuable information into the allotted time frame. Her use of visual aides to guide us smoothly through her main points clearly made an impact on the audience.
Karen immediately shared the evaluation forms with me proving the reception of the group.
I appreciated the worksheets used that we could take home.
The best recommendation I could give was that I put into action on my way home one “rock” that was missing in following my Work/Life Vision.

July 11, 2013, Laurie was Karen’s client

Laurie Murphy, MA , Owner at Training Dynamics LLC

Karen worked endlessly to customize my workshop to the client. Because she was so involved in the planning stages, she made an immediate connection with the group. She engaged the audience in interactive exercises and left them with tangible outcomes. From the workbook and content creation to individual follow-up, she hit all the right notes. I will most certainly work with Karen again, and with pleasure!

April 15, 2013, Laurie was Karen’s client

Robert M. Cohen (http://www NULL .linkedin NULL .com/profile/view?id=74662212&authToken=ZHvM) , Large Account Solutions Director at State Auto Insurance

Karen’s ability to deliver a relevant message and share her personal perspectives are a winning combination for both women and men!! I plan on incorporating a number of her suggestions into my routine! I loved how she used the powerful visual of the ‘rocks before sand’… It was a great way of driving home an essential element of the presentation.

September 1, 2013, Robert M. was with another company when working with Karen at Working Parent Café

Cassandra Binkley (http://www NULL .linkedin NULL .com/profile/view?id=195487130&authToken=6Chg) , Recruiter, General Staffing

Karen is a pleasure to work with. She took the lead in organizing a panel discussion for the diversity conference titled, “The Many Faces of Inclusion”, put on by HRACO (Human Resource Association of Central Ohio). Karen was a fabulous organizer and facilitator. She very creatively brought together the three panel session experts and developed an excellent presentation for the group. She included personal accounts to share her own experiences, making the session dialogue more rich and vibrant. This was a wonderfully informative session because Karen very thoughtfully developed questions and kept the conversation flowing so that attendees were really able to have a unique learning experience. I look forward to working with Karen in the future on other speaking projects as she is truly a professional, has great presentation style and creative ideas.
(http://www NULL .linkedin NULL .com/profile/view?id=20992729&trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile)

June 18, 2013, Cassandra was with another company when working with Karen at Working Parent Café

Christine McCollum (http://www NULL .linkedin NULL .com/profile/view?id=92599918&authToken=QubI) , Payroll Specialist at State Auto Insurance

Karen Murphy is a wonderful speaker who is full of excitement! Karen makes you feel inspired and determined to be successful. She provides wonderful knowledge and tools to assist you in obtaining balance in your life.

August 21, 2013, Christine was a consultant or contractor to Karen at Working Parent Café

Sara Molski (http://www NULL .linkedin NULL .com/profile/view?id=11574092&authToken=8JIX) , Manager of Government Advocacy at Cox Consulting Group

I attended my first Awesome Women in Business meeting in July here in Columbus and Karen presented at this meeting. What I loved most about Karen’s presentation was her energy and warmth. She spoke from the heart with passion and enthusiasm. The presentation was fantastic overall. I enjoyed the content, specifically the statistics she provided. I would definitely recommend Karen’s expertise and services!
(http://www NULL .linkedin NULL .com/profile/view?id=20992729&trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile)

August 1, 2013, Sara was with another company when working with Karen at Working Parent Café

Meenu Wani (http://www NULL .linkedin NULL .com/profile/view?id=46867260&authToken=6ruh) , Group Leader, IP at Ashland Inc.

We at Ashland have asked Karen for her services as professional speaker for Ashland Women International Network Work/Life presentation. It was a pleasure to hear her. she has made the presentation not only very enriching with the examples and photographs, but was interesting and engaging too. Learned so many things from her presentation which were practical and doable. I really enjoyed listening to her.
(http://www NULL .linkedin NULL .com/profile/view?id=20992729&trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile)

March 14, 2013, Meenu was Karen’s client

Leslie Quickel (http://www NULL .linkedin NULL .com/profile/view?id=180716018&authToken=e39k) , Parent Education Facilitator

I’m so focused on the parenting side of things that Work/life vision takes a backseat. What made the biggest impression (even more so than the rocks and sand story) was your survey results. I truly enjoyed your presentation, you got me thinking about my vision!

February 5, 2013, Leslie was with another company when working with Karen at Working Parent Café

Amy Ambrozich (http://www NULL .linkedin NULL .com/profile/view?id=52472651&authToken=b8dt) , Parent Coach, Speaker, Co-founder of Dare to Parent

Karen brings an energy to her presentation that has you engaged from the moment she begins.The idea of work/life balance sounds good, but for many it’s hard to figure out how to do it. Karen will lead you on the path to successfully balancing work and family and all that comes with it!
Her presentation got me thinking about setting my daily priorities differently. I really appreciated getting some perspective and thinking about what my “rocks” are versus what the “sand” is in each day. (That was a great visual, by the way!) Some days I get so busy with the mundane I don’t get the important things done first. As a working mom I needed to hear Karen’s message!

January 31, 2013, Amy worked with Karen at Working Parent Café

Rachel Fasig (http://www NULL .linkedin NULL .com/profile/view?id=57932564&authToken=GJO2) , Senior Paralegal, Global Trade & International Law at Ashland Inc.

Karen succinctly identifies the issues and lays out a clear and practical path to “create your work/life vision”. A motivating speaker who challenges you to your best and inspires your self-confidence to achieve your vision.

January 22, 2013, Rachel was with another company when working with Karen at Working Parent Café

Fran Lockwood (http://www NULL .linkedin NULL .com/profile/view?id=27497179&authToken=EOel) , Sr VP R &D at Valvoline

Karen Murphy presents an interesting and compelling seminar on work – life balance. She shares how she balanced an executive job with the job of raising four children and provides insights on how to take control of the problem. I can recommend her seminar to anyone with many competing priorities.

January 21, 2013, Fran worked with Karen at Working Parent Café

Umit Ozkan (http://www NULL .linkedin NULL .com/profile/view?id=46139665&authToken=zIsm) , College of Engineering Distinguished Professor at Ohio State University

I attended Karen’s seminar on “Career and Family” when she spoke to a group of our senior students in Chemical Engineering. Her talk was very well received by the students. Right from the beginning, Karen got them interested in the topic she was talking about. She managed to get the students engaged as active participants in the conversation, rather than having them remain as passive listeners. The examples she brought from her own life experience provided a nice personal touch. The talk was informative, insightful, thought provoking and inspiring.
(http://www NULL .linkedin NULL .com/profile/view?id=20992729&trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile)

October 16, 2012, Umit worked directly with Karen at Working Parent Café

Tammy Rubin (http://www NULL .linkedin NULL .com/profile/view?id=94472071&authToken=5MJD) , Quality Assurance Analyst at A2Z Field Services

I attended a meeting where Karen discussed Work/Life situations. Her techniques to engage the crowd of people there was great. Not only did she get people to enjoy her exercises but people could share/reflect their ideas from the cafe discussions. I really enjoyed her presentation and I think anyone who needs some great work/life information should use Karen’s service.

October 13, 2012, Tammy was Karen’s client

Rich Danko, CMP, CSP (http://www NULL .linkedin NULL .com/profile/view?id=57913242&authToken=5Ak3) , Marketing Director at Olympus Luxury Homes

I recently attended a Work/Life Vision seminar presented by Karen Murphy. She immediately engaged the group, fostered participation with her Cafe workshop exercises and showed the participants how to identify their roles and priorities to focus on the most important things in their life. Karen is highly recommended.

October 12, 2012, Rich was Karen’s client

Patty Boyd (http://www NULL .linkedin NULL .com/profile/view?id=121259970&authToken=E5c7) , Educational Editing–K-8 Science and Math

Karen is an energetic, engaging presenter. Her charismatic manner keeps the audience listening and thinking about what she shares and what she will ask next. Karen is well-prepared, organized, and designs interactive activities for the entire group, small sub-groups, and individual input. She remembered names of the group members, chose a variety of participants to share their responses, and reviewed and reflected on the presenation as she wrapped up the meeting, leaving us with a positive, memorable experience. One of the best meetings we have had–uplifting, interactive, motivational. Thank you!
(http://www NULL .linkedin NULL .com/profile/view?id=20992729&trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile)

October 11, 2012, Patty was Karen’s client

Barbara Smoot (http://www NULL .linkedin NULL .com/profile/view?id=89451859&authToken=Kg27) , at WELD

WELD is a non-profit organization that develops and advances women’s leadership. Karen did a presentation on Work/Life Vision for two of our corporate members. Karen did her homework on the two companies involved. By having participants complete on-line surveys prior to the event, Karen provided a tailored rather than a canned presentation on this topic. Participants learned well-defined approaches to managing life’s competing priorities. Her session attracted both men and women and injected humorous situations to help illustrate points. As an attendee, I definitely embraced her approach as did others at the event.
(http://www NULL .linkedin NULL .com/profile/view?id=20992729&trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile)

October 5, 2012, Barbara was with another company when working with Karen at Working Parent Café

Anne Carter (http://www NULL .linkedin NULL .com/profile/view?id=7828671&authToken=r62r) , Director Corporate Diversity and Inclusion at Alliant Energy

I am very pleased to provide a recommendation for Karen Murphy. We have interacted through the Central Ohio Diversity Consortium (CODC; ) and Karen served as a panelist for the April 2012 Employee Resource Group (ERG) Symposium which CODC sponsored. Her contribution was invaluable for participants as she shared her leadership role in establishing an ERG for women while an executive at Ashland.

I have also become familiar with Karen’s transition from Ashland to Working Parent Café. Her background as a chemical engineer and professional work with major corporations in multiple regions of the United States provide natural expertise for her focus on balancing family, personal and professional priorities. Her formal preparation and life experiences have resulted in a unique perspective that will enrich virtually any audience interested in working parent issues.
(http://www NULL .linkedin NULL .com/profile/view?id=20992729&trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile)

May 30, 2012, Anne was with another company when working with Karen at Working Parent Café

Lisa Stromeier (http://www NULL .linkedin NULL .com/profile/view?id=45085340&authToken=AMXE) , Professional Speaker/Author/Weight Loss Consultant at Creating Choices for Health

Karen doesn’t just talk about finding the balance between being a professional and a parent, she’s lived it. With over 30 years in the corporate world she (and her husband) have raised 4 beautiful daughters. An engineer by profession, Karen initiated a women’s employee resource group while at Ashland Inc. As a working parent Karen became passionate about sharing what she knows from first-hand experiences regarding finding and maintaining a work/life balance. Through humorous stories and first rate content, Karen is able to keep audiences engaged. (I know I’ll never forget the image of her and her siblings upside down in a snow bank!) For an enjoyable and educational experience I highly recommend Karen as a speaker whenever your group or business needs a speaker.

May 30, 2012, Lisa was with another company when working with Karen at Working Parent Café

David Sullivan (http://www NULL .linkedin NULL .com/profile/view?id=68791972&authToken=kP7V) , Director of Diversity and Inclusion at OhioHealth

“Recently I had the privilege of listening to a panel discusson about forming Employee Resource Groups. One of the panelist was Karen Murphy formerly of Ashland. She had been a key participant in forming a women’s employee resource group at Ashland. I found her a pleasure to listen to. Her passion for women and the issues that women face in the workplace was readily evident. She was able to not only respond to questions in a professional and articulate manner, but was also very engaging. If you ever need someone to speak about women in the workplace, Karen would be a great resource.” less (http://www NULL .linkedin NULL .com/profile/view?id=20992729&trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile)

May 22, 2012, David was with another company when working with Karen at Working Parent Café

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