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Work/Life Emotional Intelligence: Walk in my Shoes

Target Audience:  Managers

Participate in an interactive learning environment that builds on managers’ life experiences

  • Gain perspective through “real time” work/life survey responses and employee panels
  • Discuss work/life policies, best practices and common pitfalls with peer managers and HR reps
  • Develop ongoing connections for networking with your peers

Enhance management skills to enable your employees to succeed in the work/life challenge

–      Eliminate surprises in your succession plans

–      Create role models and path blazers in your company

–      Build management skills to navigate the work/life reality

–      Make it “safe” to use work/life policies at your company

–      Win awards!  Be known as one of the Top Companies for Work/Life

Work/Life Pursuit workshop packages include:

    • Online assessment survey (to engage audience prior to the seminar )
    • Interactive workshop customized to your audience (to create “café” feeling with stories and humor)
    • e-workbooks with practical tools (to promote commitment to action )
    • Follow up mastermind group facilitation for small groups (to provide ongoing accountability and support)

If you are interested in this workshop please contact Karen here.

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